Zong to offer Online Payment Solutions in Pakistan

In this era of Internet and technology, Pakistan still lacks online payment solutions like PayPal. The major reason behind this is lack of interest and unwillingness of responsible institutes like PTA, Ministry of Information & Technology, State Bank of Pakistan and others. Meanwhile, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan continues to develop. A large number of Pakistanis are earning online though elancing. Similarly, many of tech enthusiasts are running blogs related to news, sports, entertainment, fashion and more. All of such people misses the presence of internet payments solutions in Pakistan. Therefore, Zong has decided to offer online payment solutions in Pakistan. This news is confirmed by propakistani.pk.

According to propakistani.pk, China Mobile subsidiary in Pakistan i.e. Zong is working on an internet payment service. The service will enable users to purchase things online, make payments through NFC and other channels. The online payment solutions of Zong will include a prepaid card that can be used at retail outlets, virtual card for web-based payments and NFC SIM (backed with prepaid card, debit/credit card account, Timepey account and Store Value Card for transport etc.).

Zong is going to become first payment processing operator in Pakistan that will be offering physical and virtual payment cards. Zong will be partnering with infrastructure partners to offer these premium services. With Zong online payment solutions, you will be able to collect payments over Internet right on your debit and credit cards. This has not yet been possible in Pakistan. The people uses Western Union or other channels that are quite expensive to receive payments online.

Zong is in plans to offer its online payments solutions throughout Pakistan. The service will be made available to customers at Zong franchises and retail outlets. The service will definite be a blessing for bloggers and freelancers. The top news is that the service is expected to debut in next 45 days.

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