YouTube gets UNBLOCKED in Pakistan finally

GOOD NEWS!!! The popular streaming site YouTube is now accessible on all ISPs in Pakistan without any proxies and filters. The site has also started showing ‘YouTube PK’ logo instead of ‘YouTube GB’ one. This indicates the possible launch of localized version of YouTube for Pakistani users.

Here is the new logo with PK written:

Here is the previous one:

Back in September last year, we told you about PTA’s ongoing talks with Google to launch localized version of YouTube. It seems that finally some arrangements has been made to enable access to the site in Pakistan. There is nothing official yet. However, we are getting confirmations from our sources that YouTube is finally UNBLOCKED. The site is also giving the option to translate the page to Urdu.

The website got accessible in last week of December 2015. PTA has not blocked the site since then. Moreover, Pakistani traffic to YouTube has also grown in recent days. All these developments indicate that PTA has lifted ban over the best streaming site. It is important to mention here that YouTube is now using country codes for other countries too.

The site was blocked in Pakistan back on September 12, 2012. Now finally, YouTube has been made accessible in Pakistan. Are you excited to use the video streaming site? Do share your thoughts. We have got only one comment for all this,

Daer ayad’ durst ayad