YLES 15: Apply Now to take part in Entrepreneurship Challenge

YLES by LUMS was created on the philosophy that the simplest of ideas go on to be some of the most momentous achievements of the human race. The Young Leaders’ & Entrepreneurs’ Summit is a venture  by LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) that aims to bring the concept of entrepreneurship to the young budding and aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan. The aim is to offer training to these to be entrepreneurs under the guidance of successful entrepreneurs who believe that entrepreneurship is the only way forward for Pakistan.

What is YLES ’15?

The idea behind this year’s version of the summit is to emphasize on ‘roots’ or basic ground level projects that have the potential to go on to be promising ventures of the future. The spotlight is on ideas that tap into niches yet undiscovered or ideas that make use of innovative processes which all build on the idea of starting small.


What is it all about?

The Business Side:

  • Idea Junction: This is the ultimate business ideas and concept competition that allows strong contenders to reach higher levels in the three rounds to come up with the best business idea.
  • Brand Rush: This is the marketing challenge where the contestants go through all sorts of challenging marketing activities to bring out the marketers in them
  • Social Sustainability: This is the platform to show which of the social issues you feel are the most attention deserving in Pakistan and what you think corporations can do about it.
  • Plug-it-in: This is an exciting ad-making competition
  • Investomania: This is an introduction to the world of finance and capital which allows young participants to try their hand at trading.

The Social Side:

  • Opening ceremony and Networking Night: The opening night is not to be missed. It’s also a great opportunity for young aspirers to interact with already successful entrepreneurs to learn from their advice.
  • Surprise event: To add a touch of uniqueness to the whole event, a surprise social event is planned which is different from ordinary social events.
  • Concert: The YLES hosts some of the most popular concerts which are nights filled with fun and vibes.
  • Closing Ceremony and Dinner: To wrap up the whole event, this is a night filled with ambience, décor and cuisine.

How to Register & Apply for YLES 15?

The process of registration will be completed in two phases:

Phase 1: During this phase, all the candidates along with their teams can register online through an online portal by filling out all the forms with their details.

Phase 2: Teams which have been shortlisted will be contacted through email and phone and they will have to send in their par drafts.

In order to register and apply for the event, visit http://yles.lums.edu.pk/registration/.

When will YLES 15 take place?

YLES 15 is scheduled from 6th to 8th March. You can learn and get more details regarding the event here.

I believe this is one of its kind venture in Pakistan which should be participated by students from all institutions especially business ones. Here, they can express their ideas and can learn a lot!