WLL spectrums for AJK and GB auctioned for Rs. 108.48 million by PTA

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December 29, 2015
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WLL spectrums for AJK and GB auctioned for Rs. 108.48 million by PTA

A month back, we told you about auction of WLL spectrums for AJK and GB on 29th December 2015. The auction has been done successfully yesterday. PTA has generated revenue of Rs. 108.48 million by auctioning these spectrums. Let’s read few major details regarding the auction.

All WLL spectrums got auctioned at base price except one 3.5 MHz band for Mirpur region. PTCL was allotted spectrums for all regions i.e. Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit Baltistan regions. LinkDotNet earned spectrum for Mirpur region in 3.5 MHz band. It is important to note here that PTCL has applied for all the regions while LinkDotNet applied only for Mirpur region.

Here are the prices at which WLL spectrums got auctioned:

2 * 5 MHz from 1900 MHz:

  • TR-1 Mirpur: Rs. 55.80 million (base price)
  • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 11.96 million (base price)
  • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 7.97 million (base price)

30 MHz from 3.5 GHz:

  • TR-1 Mirpur: Rs. 10 million (base price: Rs. 7.97 million)
  • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 3.18 million (base price)
  • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 3.18 million (base price)

As you can see, only two lots of TR-1 Mirpur from 3.5 GHz got auctioned at price higher than base price. Both PTCL and LinkDotNet got one lot of this spectrum at Rs. 10 million each. The bidding process was open and transparent. All the stakeholders showed satisfaction on the overall process.


The auction was witness by representatives from AJK and GB, Ministry of Information Technology, Frequency Allocation Board and the telcos. Here are few words from Chairman PTA Dr. Syed Ismail Shah regarding this auction of WLL spectrums:

The auction was aimed at enhanced telecom services for the people of AJ&K and GB. The successful operators will be able to offer new wireless services.

It’s a win-win situation government, operators and the consumers as it will ensure revenues for government, business for operators and better services for consumers of the far-off regions. This will have positive cumulative effect on the economies of these regions.

WLL spectrums will be awarded after necessary payments by the successful bidders. The total bid for all lots of spectrums is Rs. 108.48 million.

This is, indeed, a great news for residents of these areas. They can expect better wireless networks in the region.