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WhatsApp to feature GIFs in conversations soon

The trend of messaging has changed a lot. There was a time when people message each other by simple text. Then came icons, voice mails, images, video etc. Nowadays, people are using GIFs in their conversations. GIF stands Graphical Interchangeable Format.

A number of messaging app provide GIF support which is If you share a GIF with you contacts, they can watch the animation in the app instead of going to browser to watch it.  But so far WhatsApp users are using the same static image. Considering the increasing trend of GIFs, WhatsApp has decided to update its applications to add the support.

The latest beta version release for iOS indicate that GIF support has provided in it. This information was discovered by a twitter handle @WABetaInfo which tracks the changes in WhatsApp beta updates.

So the new version of WhatsApp will autoplay GIF plus place them into the conversation directly. However, it does not support sharing a saved GIF animation directly. But other apps like Telegram, Messenger and Wire are providing complete GIF support including an option to save GIFs.

Apart from GIF, another change in the beta catalog version is that you can save GIF animation in simple image format. We don’t know why they put such feature in it because people use GIF for animation, if you want to watch or send single image then why use GIF; you can use static image for it.

Let’s see when this feature debuts officially in WhatsApp apps!

SOURCE: TheNextWeb

Post Author: Taha Munir