WhatsApp extends its group chat size limit to 256 people

In a latest development, WhatsApp has extended group chat size limit of its app. Now, you can have a maximum of 256 people in a group many more than the previous limit of 100. This move will certainly grow group conversations in the app.

A large number of people mostly use WhatsApp for individual conversations. However, the app still does not disappoint as far as group conversation is concerned. There are over 1 billion groups on WhatsApp which is indeed a large number. Many publishers, communities and small companies forms groups to have a discussion on a matter or to share important messages.

The selection of number ‘256’ is certainly a unique marketing stunt by WhatsApp. It’s much more like traditional file sizes e.g. 64, 128, 256 and so on. The move has been considered as the first tactic towards the company’s new business plan. The company is now aiming to build B2C (Business to Customers) relationships via WhatsApp.

The new chat size limit has been added in Android and iOS version of WhatsApp. It will take few weeks for the update to reach Windows Phone and Blackberry version. Just update your app to enjoy the extended group chat size. It’s important to mention here that WeChat has got the largest group chat limit of 500 people.