UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN Review, Break all the Geo-blocks & Surf Internet with Freedom

Many companies are there that claims to provide DNS and VPN solutions that will make you surf internet without any restriction. However, finding an appropriate and affordable one is always a question. Those which are popular and top-rated demands several bucks. On the other hand, free alternatives are unstable and lack in speed. Here is when UnoTelly comes to the mark. It is, not so old, SmartDNS and VPN solution that is gradually getting popular in the market.

What is UnoTelly?

Want to stream latest episode of season from Netflix? Want to access YouTube in Pakistan? Want to remove torrent restriction from your university internet? UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN is a service that enables you to do all such stuff. It enables you to break geo-graphic limitations and browse the internet with freedom.

Difference between UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN:

As told earlier, UnoTelly offers two solutions to your internet needs i.e. SmartDNS and VPN. The SmartDNS service enables you watch geo-blocked channels. The VPN service makes you browse all websites.

In Pakistan, you can’t watch Netflix. But it is not illegal to be watched in countries like US and UK. So what UnoDNS does is, to make Netflix think you are not in Pakistan but in any Netflix supported country. The service routes your traffic to UnoTelly’s servers located in any Netflix supported country. Afterwards, the request is made to Netflix and you can watch the stream. Through this service, your normal browsing is not affected and all other traffic is sent from your main location. This ensures no/minimum impact on internet speed. It is compatible to all major streaming devices. You can view more than 300 channels through UnoDNS service.

UnoVPN service, on the other hand, masks your IP address to appear as if you are connecting from a place where there is no internet censorship. You can now use any site that is blocked in your region. The service sends data over insecure connections. Through this service, all your web traffic gets affected and is sent from your new IP location. This service ensures privacy as websites will not be able to track your location. However, it is relatively slow and is limited to computers only.

How to setup UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN?

Now, you have definitely got an idea regarding the service. It’s time to give it a try. Depending on your requirement, make a choice whether you need UnoTelly SmartDNS only or you do also want VPN service. Afterwards, simply visit the site and signup either for Premium (UnoDNS) or Gold (UnoDNS + UnoVPN) plan. There is 8 days free trial for Premium plan and 3 days for Gold plan. Once the trial period ends, you will be required to purchase the monthly subscription. The price of UnoDNS service starts from $3.94 to $4.95 for a month, depending whether paid monthly or annually. Similarly, the price of UnoDNS + UnoVPN service begins from $4.93 to $7.95 per month.


Signed in? What’s next? Well, now you need to follow bit complex instructions. UnoTelly presents you with metro-styled interface. It gives easy access to all the features of the service. There are guides and how-tos for all the features depending on your platform and OS version.

Our verdict on UnoTelly service:

UnoTelly is a worthy service that does its job in a pretty manner. Especially if you are looking for a premium DNS and VPN solution at affordable price, UnoTelly is the best option. I have configured both UnoDNS and UnoVPN on your device. The results are quite good. You should definitely go and give this service a try.

Stay tuned to as some UnoTelly lifetime giveaways might be round the corner!

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