How to unblock YouTube in Pakistan?

The popular video streaming site YouTube has been facing ban in Pakistan for many years now. The site was banned due to presence of blasphemous videos on it. Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has not got any filter tool that can block only such video URLs thus blocking the site completely. YouTube is the hub of lot of informational videos, educational lectures, tutorials etc. The decision made by PTA hurt several users for whom YouTube was a useful source for gathering information, knowledge etc. Although there are alternatives for YouTube available like DailyMotion and Yahoo Screen, but they are not at par. Therefore, the users make use of methods to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. Here, we will tell three methods that gives best results.


ZenMate is a widely used browser add-on or extension to unblock Internet. Millions of users are now using ZenMate for Internet solution integrated in their browser. It supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Head to and get the extension. Sign up to get the service started. You can enable/disable the extension with a click only. ZenMate offers nice speed. Pakistani users can make of ZenMate to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. It is always my first choice for browsing the Internet without any restriction.


If you are in search for a quick YouTube solution, you can make use of web proxies. You can find hundreds of proxies over web but finding the best one is quite difficult. Here, we are telling you three proxy sites that can best unblock YouTube in Pakistan:

  1. Awebproxy ( site: )
  2. 4everproxy ( site: )
  3. MovieProxy ( site: )

Alternatively, you can use Hotspot Shield or other such tools to unblock YouTube and Internet. You can also buy a paid VPN to get a permanent solution. If you know some other methods of unblocking YouTube in Pakistan, do share with us in comments below.

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  • hamza ahmad

    i generally use free web proxies to unblock YouTube like this it will help you to unblock all.

  • Banada Kali

    I often used Web Proxy to access Youtube easily, such . I even watch youtube on a smartphone without any problems :)

  • Emme

    Youtube VPN is the easiest solution for unblocking youtube. Proxies are slow on speed.