Ufone to introduce iPhone 6S / 6S Plus officially in Pakistan

Ufone is all set to launch the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in Pakistan. The telco has partnered with the Cupertino giant in this regard. It will become the first telco to bring these variants in Pakistan.

As per further details, Ufone will start the pre-orders of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus from 6th November. Both these variants will become officially available for sale at Ufone customer care centers, franchises and retailers from Friday, 13th November 2015. As per prices of these iPhones, nothing can be said with surety. However, we can expect the price of iPhone 6S (16 GB) to start from over Rs. 80,000 while the same model of 6S Plus will cost over 1 lac rupees. The iPhones will have official Apple warranty for a year or more. All these iPhones will be factory unlocked.

Ufone will be offering a premium voice and 3G package alongside the purchase of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Last year, it was for the first time that Apple launched any iPhone variant for the first time in Pakistan officially by partnering with telecom operators. Other telcos will also be bringing the advanced iPhones within a month or two. There will be no significant price difference but the attached voice and data resources will vary.

So indeed, a great news for Apple lovers! No more need to buy the iPhone from grey markets! What are your thoughts on this exciting news?

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Source: ProPakistani