Twitter introduces Promoted Tweets in Pakistan

Twitter is, no doubt, the second most widely used social platform in Pakistan. Considering its growing use, Twitter has now rolled out promoted tweets feature in Pakistan. The feature enables ‘branded’ tweets to appear in target audience feeds. This useful service was launched more than 5 years ago.

Have not heard before ‘promoted tweets’? Well, promoted tweets are not ads instead, they are conveyed to a wider group of people on the basis of their interest and engagement. It is important to mention here; if a promoted tweet is not retweeted, favorite or replied to, it disappears. So it means, if you want to share a promoted tweet, it MUST BE encouraging enough.

Twitter’s promoted tweets feature was previously limited to only few countries. But recently, the company has changed its plans and extended the services. It is now available in over 170 countries including Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and now Pakistan. The company now aims to make its dominance in Asia region and Muslim countries too. It has partnered with Connect Ads, an Egypt based advertising agency.

Promoted Tweets in Pakistan will also be sold through Connect Ads. Twitter has given special consideration to its advertising perspective in recent months. It now offers advertising in 15 different languages and has over 100,000 ad partners. Twitter aims to boost its revenues from other countries as well. Currently, the major portion of its earnings is from United States.

So guys, want to make your first promoted tweet in Pakistan? Here are few tips that you can follow to make it engaging and interesting:

  • Your tweet should be expressive and interesting.
  • It must convey the significant information; urging the users to click.
  • Your tweet should not be lengthy.
  • You should add an image or video to attract users.
  • You should use targeting options effectively to connect with the right audience.

For creating promoted tweets, visit here.

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Post Author: Taha Munir