This Ramadan, Do Good with Kisan Foods

It is the Holy Month of Ramadan. Caring for and helping the needy and selflessly looking out for others for the sake of humanity are the acts that contribute to the beauty of this divine month. Many companies are launching their CSR campaigns to contribute to several causes that need to be cared about. Kisan Foods is one of the most prestigious companies of Pakistan and has taken a considerate step to contribute to one of those good causes.

This Ramadan, Kisan Foods has taken a thoughtful CSR initiative to make donations on behalf of everyone to Madina Foundation Hospital. The gathering of so many people at one platform with the intention of serving the humanity is something extremely wonderful and outstanding. The company has given life to this concept by launching its #DoGoodWithKisan campaign. The digital campaign wants people around the world to comment ‘#DoGoodWithKisan’, at the pinned post on the timeline of Kisan Foods’ official Facebook page, every time they see a cooking oil commercial on their television. Every time a person comments, ten rupees are donated on his or her behalf to Madina Foundation Hospital. Facebook users have responded heavily and substantially to this campaign. Many users have significantly participated in the campaign by posting the ‘#DoGoodWithKisan’.

It is extremely thoughtful of Kisan Foods to not only serve the community itself but also engage people in this worthy campaign. This is exactly what the Holy Month of Ramadan is about. This campaign is the personification of fulfilling one’s duty towards other human beings and doing so in the holy month of Ramadan is definitely going to result in the attainment of Allah Almighty’s countless blessings.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kisan Foods page (link above) and participate in this unique donation campaign.

Post Author: Areeba Waseem

Diligence, respectfulness and genuineness are the traits that i admire and always try to be a personifaction of. I would rather strive to be a woman of substance than trying to be prepossessing all the time. I would like to be classy and fabulous but i won't let the world think for even one second that i am a fragile creature and cannot take care of myself. I am a girl and girls are powerful, artistic and honorable.