This chart explains structure of Alphabet i.e. Google’s parent company

You might have heard that Google no longer exists in a parent form. It means it has now been made part of a bigger organization and will operate as a separate industry. Back in August 2015, Google initiated its massive reorganization process. As part of it, all its companies including Google will operate under a new parent company ALPHABET.

All these child companies are separate Alphabet companies each with its own CEO. Google CEO Larry Page will have the same role at Alphabet. Larry Page is now the CEO of Alphabet while the CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. The creation of new parent company gives more room to all entities in focusing on their own industrial activities. Till now, there are total of ten child companies i.e. nest, Access & Energy, verily, Calico, Side Walk Labs, Google, Google X, GV, Google Capital and Google Self Driving Car Project.

Here is a chart explaining the structure of Google’s parent company Alphabet:

The article has been originally published in Business Insider.