The Conjuring 2: Coming Soon with Double Fears and Frights

Well, if you were anxiously waiting for an interesting scary movie who would activate your goose pumps all over then hold your hearts, prepare your fears and fasten your seat belts because our very own favorite The Conjuring 2 is here. Yes, we are definitely talking about the sequel of popular The Conjuring movie.

This time, the fear is doubled, the scary scenes will be scarier and you won’t be able to control your emotions of fright. The first trailer of the movie is here and it will move you down to tears. This time, Warner Bros is coming up with another part based on true events. You can watch the HD trailer at:

The main cast of The Conjuring 2 will be same in form of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson playing the role of husband and wife who will go to North London to detect the paranormal activities. A mother lives with her four children in a house where they face malicious spiritual activities and the couple comes to rescue them being ghost detectors. The previous effort by the director James Watt was a huge success and this time he is ready to make his mark through The Conjuring 2. Ed and Lorraine with other investigators will try to figure out the unpleasant events that will happen at Margaret Hodgson’s house. During this journey they all will face some serious problems lying in their way.

The trailer of The Conjuring 2 is showing a little girl telling her spooky experiences to Lorraine who with her husband and the worried family fighting against the destructive spirits and going through so much pain. The little girl seems possessed by some ghost and have lost all the free will. The creepy ghost coming out of the wall really scares the shit out you at first. Overall it will be a fun package to watch in summers

The movie is hitting cinemas on 10th June, 2016. So don’t forget to miss this petrifying package with your friends at night time with blankets on and lights turned off.