Telenor Velocity Program

Telenor Velocity Program 2nd Batch Registrations Open

Telenor started its incubation program with name “Telenor Velocity” in Feb 2016. Telenor Velocity program aims to help startup companies with innovative and future perspective business ideas. Telenor gives them sunlight needed to grow and become fruitful.

After the success of first cohort (from March to September 2016); the company offers the second batch now. In this second phase, Telenor Pakistan is anticipating to welcome 10 startups, which were 5 in the last sessio.

With Telenor Velocity program, the telco is trying to conduct CSR and earn public relations. Through this, they are hoping to find startups which will be aligned to the company’s setups that would make business for the company. For this, the company obviously give access to its resource like APIs and support to the startups.

Selection Criteria for Telenor Velocity Program:

As per a Telenor official, selection will be based on the followings:

  • Your team should have a hipster, a hustler, and a hacker.
  • Your product or service should be at a minimum viable stage.
  • You should be able to demonstrate the investment potential of your product or idea.

In simple words, you need to be a passionate & enthusiastic team and have a promising product or service to apply in the program.

If you are ready to apply, follow the link HERE and fill the application. All the applications will be evaluated and shortlisted. Then the shortlisted teams are invited to pitch their idea and the final selected teams will be incubated for a period of six months by Telenor.

Benefits of Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program:

The startups which will be affiliated with Telenor will get following benefits:

  • Access to Customers
  • Integrated Payment Solutions
  • Market and Digital Distribution
  • Physical Distribution
  • Knowledge and training sessions by experts

These benefits are like supplements for any startup and make it capable of growing fast and create it footings strong.

So what are you thinking? Register yourself now before the deadline i.e. 15th July 2016 arrives.

Post Author: Taha Munir