Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program: Everything You Need to Know

Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program aims to supercharge startups by providing them with wide range of the telco’s solutions and experiences. The program has recently been launched. The first cycle of the program is to begin soon. Here, we are going to cover all details regarding the program, its offerings and its selection criteria.

Offerings of Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program:

Here is what the program will offer to its enrolled startups:

  • Access to customers
  • Integrated payment solutions
  • Market and Digital Distribution
  • Physical Distribution
  • Knowledge and training sessions by experts

Selection Criteria for Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program:

The exact procedure for selection of startups is not clear yet. As per a Telenor official, it will be as follows:

  • Roadshows and meetings with other incubators (Plan9, i2, LUMS LCE and others)
  • Talks with their alumni and developed startups
  • Getting feedback from their incubators
  • Preparing a list of 15 startups
  • Inviting them to learn about the program
  • Reviewing their startups models
  • Shortlisting 8 startups for final pitching

Selected Startups for first Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program:

As you can see, the selection procedure of startups is completely under Telenor. You cannot register yourself or submit your application. Following startups were selected for pitching for the first session:

  • DealSmash: It provides deals to online buyers considering their shopping patterns
  • RoadEz: It provides notifications on intense traffic via an App and SMS
  • ClubInternet: It aims to teach internet-illiterate people the uses of internet in local languages via an app.
  • DoctHERs: It connects connects female doctors to under-served patients online.
  • Edjunction: It enables the sharing of real-time information between parents, teachers and students.
  • TalkHealth: It is an online healthcare solution, hosting a panel of specialized doctors
  • Interacta: It enables you to give feedback on TV content through smart devices.
  • Savaree: It provides car-booking service throughout the day.

It is just the start of the velocity program. There is a way to go ahead. Hopefully, Telenor Velocity Accelerator Program will further furnish the eco-system of startups in Pakistan!