Telenor Djuice begins registration for Annual Apportunity Contest 2015

Telenor Djuice has now finally brought its popular app development competition for this year. Annual Apportunity Contest 2015 invites young Pakistani students to showcase their mobile apps and win upto several thousand dollars. Telenor Djuice has partnered with Microsoft for the competition. The candidates will be getting free Azure accounts to make their mobile apps ready for the big competition.

Criteria for the Annual Apportunity Contest 2015:

It’s time to start coding and show your skills in the field of technology. The participants of the Annual Apporunity Contest 2015 can send their apps from following categories:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Internet of Things
  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Civil Administration (Emergency Services, Disaster Management, Security etc.)

Your mobile app should be from any of these platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Rewards on winning the Annual Apportunity Contest 2015:

Once the registration completes, the apps will then be examined by technology experts and professionals. Afterwards, the winners will be selected and award. Here are the rewards:

  • 1st Winner | Rs. 200,000
  • 2nd Winner | Rs. 150,000
  • 3rd Winner | Rs. 100,000
  • Winner (from each category) | Rs. 50,000

The winning apps will also make their way to Telenor App Store. Telenor enables you to carry out in-app purchases via mobile balance. Thus, the winners also will be getting money for the in-app purchases.

The winners of the Annual Apportunity Contest 2015 will also get a chance to represent Pakistan at the Global Digital Conference in Thailand. Their apps will compete against the apps made by international participants. If your app is from Education category and you win this phase, you will be getting $13,000 as prize. If your app is from any other category, you can get $8,000 on winning the competition. All Pakistani participants will be awarded with $1,000 as a consolation prize if they fail to win at the GDC.

Apply to Annual Apportunity Contest 2015:

To apply to this exciting app development contest, just head to this link. The last date for registration is 15th June 2015. Once registered, you will be required to send your app’s details. This can be done till 30th July 2015.

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