provides solutions to all our domestic technical problems

If you are a Pakistani, you definitely come across a lot of technical issues related to households. Your fan may have stopped working or your water motor has burnt. In a more serious scenario, your air conditioner and refrigerator is not cooling or your UPS/generator is out of order. In all these matters, you need a ‘technician’ who can sort out the issues and solve the problems. However, finding a ‘right’ technician is quite a cumbersome task in Pakistan. Most of the technicians don’t have the sufficient knowledge and can cause damage instead of repair. Here, we are going to make your introduction to a startup i.e. that provides solutions to all our domestic technical problems. is a Lahore based startup led by energetic and young entrepreneur Mr. Adeel Haider. The idea for came in 2010 but the actual work begun in 2014.The startup aims to provide quality repair services for electrical appliances, solar power and CCTV/security issues. In an interview to TechJuice, here is what CEO Mr. Adeel Haider had to say,

The idea was simple. I wanted to help the Pakistani people who suffer at the hand of technicians. So here we had a startup and we were striving to help people with remodeling and maintenance projects. We had been working for over a year now and we were having a lot of clients and the money was rolling in. And like anybody, I love making money. But I’m really bad with numbers and we were beginning to have some problems with handling finances. That is when we incubated in LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship and our startup is one of the 16 selected out of hundreds. I still haven’t gotten good with numbers [chuckles], but it has been a great learning experience here.

As you can see, the startup has really earned a big achievement by becoming the part of LUMS Centre of Entrepreneurship. The startup has a small team of 10 – 13 people. The startup focuses on customer satisfaction. That’s why, it has a client return rate of 65%. charges Rs. 300 per visit for simple checkups. However, the rate can vary depending on the complexity of the problem.

During just a year and a half, the startup has serviced over 500 clients. It has received over 2000 orders. They have even got featured in Pakistan’s 100 best startups in this year’s Startup Expo. Adeel Haider now aims to take startup to other cities and make it a leading repair services provider in Pakistan. We can also see a mobile app of soon.

We wish best of luck to the startup and its team for its future goals. You can visit their official site to learn more about them.

Post Author: Taha Munir