TapInsta enables you to connect with people in rewarding ways

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TapInsta enables you to connect with people in rewarding ways


In this era, new technologies are emerging day by day for better usage and optimization. The mobile internet usage has excelled desktop usage. In Pakistan about 4 million people use internet on their own smartphones and the number is still counting. TapInsta is a smartphone based advertising network that encourages both developers and advertisers and provide monetization. It provides ease for brands to advertise their products to customers through moments in apps and games and offer exceptional gifts to their customers.

Benefits for App Developers

TapInsta is giving a good alternative for app developers. Now, they can earn a lot better than before. In the past, there is no such technology for app developers in Pakistan for ease in earning. There used to be no monetization and earning source other than Google Adsense. Tapinsta is the platform that allows app developers to optimize revenue. Now there is no nuisance for developer for earning. Now an app developer can easily catch its users through incredible ads that is also beneficial for users to get favors and rewards. Due to rewards for public, the number of app users will also increase. Tapinsta is a novel way to engage people.

Benefits for Advertisers

Here come the gains for advertisers. TapInsta is platform that provides monetization for advertisers too. Now there is no need to face challenges for marketing. An advertiser can get even slender information about their customers. Advertiser can choose the related areas where he wants to post their ads to involve their customers. Hence the number of customers would also increase. So Tapinsta is providing an incredible way for brand awareness to their customers with increased revenue.

The startup is already incubated in Plan9 and is looking forward to earn some investment. You can learn more about TapInsta HERE.