Swiss Army Man featuring Daniel Radcliffe as a Mystic Corpse

This year, another surprise awaits for Daniel Radcliffe fans in form of his upcoming movie Swiss Army Man. After completing his Harry Potter series, he has been seen on and off in various movies. This time Daniel Radcliffe will be seen as a protagonist alongside talented actor, Paul Dano. The trailer of the movie has already been launched and attaining mixed responses from the viewers and critiques.

You can watch the HD trailer of movie here:

The trailer of Swiss Army Man is showing a man (Paul Dano) strangled unaided on a barren island thriving his last gasps for survival when a gassy corpse washes up on shore and wild things happen with them. Strangely, the movie’s plot sounds quite weird but enthralling. The story begins with Dano’s Hank trying to hang himself out of desolation but he stops when he sees the corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) lying in front of him. Hank decides that being dead is no reason to leave a helpful new friend behind and he drags the body along with him on the island.

After a while, he finds out that the body can be propelled for an unbelievable stream of drinkable water and it recovers some partial movement and the power of speech, introducing itself as Manny, a man with no reminiscence of his past. During all this a sudden moment happens between Manny and Hank when the glimpse of a beautiful, shadowy woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) on Hank’s cellphone rouses Manny’s passion, sets his heart beating irregularly and brings him near to life.

The cast of Swiss Army Man includes Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe and Mary Elizabeth and this creative drama got a life on screen by the direction of debutantes Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan.

Swiss Army Man will certainly not be everyone’s taste but yes it will be an emotional touchy drama especially with the prickly dialogues. The reliance on flashbacks and repeated shots at times make this feel like an attenuated short. Uncanny core or Magical Unrealism? What actually the movie wants to show will be discovered finally when the movie will release on 1st July 2016.

For Daniel Radcliffe and bizarre mysterious drama with some gag lovers, it will be a fun to watch Swiss Army Man. But for a final verdict, we have to save our thoughts for future.