Supreme Court bans Inaami schemes of Telecom Operators

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April 5, 2015
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April 8, 2015
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Supreme Court bans Inaami schemes of Telecom Operators

In a latest development, Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned all Inaami schemes of Telecom Operators. The court has upheld the decision made by Islamabad High Court. Recently, Islamabad High Court ordered that no telecom operator can offer Inaami schemes.

The whole issue started back in May 2012 when PTA ordered telecom companies to stop all SMS based prize schemes. According to PTA, such schemes are violation of the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation, 1999. The telecom companies quickly challenged the notification in the Islamabad High Court. The Islamabad High Court gave the verdict in favor of PTA. After losing the case in high court, telecom operators filed an appeal in Supreme Court.

After a detailed session, the judges of SC has kept the verdict of the IHC unchanged. No cellular company can now offer any Inaami scheme or such SMS-based prize schemes. According to an estimate, telecom companies used to earn a sum of Rs. 4-5 million per day with such schemes. The users were urged to spend amount as they might earn a big reward in future.

Here is an important point to note. Not all Inaami schemes are banned by Supreme Court. The schemes which asks users to send a message to a number or call a number at premium rates are under the ban. All other schemes that do not affect customers’ balance are valid.

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