State Bank of Pakistan to launch its Urdu website soon

Recently, Supreme Court of Pakistan issued orders for implementation of Urdu as the official language in the country. All the government departments have been asked to implement the language on immediate basis. The US Embassy website has been converted to Urdu. You can check it out here. Now, the website of State Bank of Pakistan is also about to convert in Urdu.

As told by Mr. Abid Chief, Spokesman at State Bank of Pakistan, all the website segments related to facilitate the public will be translated to Urdu on a priority basis. Apart from this, the sections for prize bonds, funds, submission forms and signage will be translated to Urdu language soon.

The Supreme Court has asked to submit a report about the implementation of its orders within three months. The efforts have been started which is, indeed, a good gesture. Let’s see how the efforts work out this time. Remember, it is the part of Constitution of 1973 to implement Urdu in all government departments. However, this has not yet been done due to the hurdles created by bureaucracy.

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Post Author: Taha Munir