Social Media reactions on alleged Pakistani Spy Pigeon in India

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June 5, 2015
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June 6, 2015
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Social Media reactions on alleged Pakistani Spy Pigeon in India

Last week, Indian police arrested a pigeon on charges of spying for Pakistan. As per details, an Indian villager found a pigeon at whom a Pakistani address was written. Considering it a ‘spy’, the individual took it to Indian police whom had detained it and started investigations. The poor alleged Pakistani Spy Pigeon was also sent for X-Ray but nothing was found.

The news spread like fire in the forest. People began making hilarious comments regarding the Indian actions. Not only Pakistanis, local Indian channels and world media also made fun of India for arresting an innocent pigeon on such charges. Following hashtags were commonly used on Facebook and Twitter: #freepigeon, #PigeonVSIndia, #IfIWereAPigeon, #FreeOurKabootar and #PigeonZindabad.

Here, we bring few of social media giggles regarding Indian claimed Pakistani Spy Pigeon. These are surely gonna entertain you and make you laugh.

Is Pigeon Clever Enough to be called a ‘SPY’?

Even Amir Liaqat has some information regarding Spy Pigeon

No need of JF-Thunders and other fighter planes

Even no need of Nuclear Technology

Pakistani Spy Pigeon teasing an Indian girl

Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai Jo Kabootar Se Darrta Hai

Our Pigeon is more worthy than our PM

Pakistan attacks India

Pakistani Pigeons Squadron ready to Attack

Pigeon is more Dangerous than a ‘Thappar’

Pigeon vs India? Hahahahahahhaha

Pakistan Scientists now testing Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air Pigeons

Free our Pigeon, Indians!

Another Pakistani Pigeon ready for its Mission

Pakistani Spy Pigeons are in India for years!!

Important Meeting of Pakistani Spy Pigeons underway!

Spy Pigeon Be Like!

India should be Ashamed of Arresting a Pigeon!

Why think of Shaheens When our Pigeons are enough!

India Should Continue Such Comedies!!!

Indian Girls Also Do Not Like Pigeons At All!


LOL!!! Do you have some more such giggles on Pakistani Spy Pigeon? You can share with us in comments section below.