Should You Use Netflix in Pakistan? Our thoughts!

Recently, a TV giant Netflix has expanded its operations to 130 countries including Pakistan. The move has surprised several people. It has also made Pakistanis excited and thrilled regarding this entertainment service. Are you kinda unaware of this service? Well, Netflix is a media company that offers TV shows, serials and movies with streaming qualities up to 4k in a legal way. Yeah! No pirated content. Everything is official and legal. Apart from this, the company also produces its own TV shows and movies.

The plans for Netflix for Pakistani users begins from $7.99. These are three plans for Pakistani users:

Now, let’s come to our main question i.e. whether Netflix is going to attract Pakistani users or not. The number of internet users in Pakistan has grown considerably in recent years. However, still Pakistani users are not willing to pay for online services. It may be due to the absence of cyber laws or lack of trust of people in online firms. New emerging shopping sites even find it tough to get customers pay over internet. Secondly, Torrents are widely used in Pakistan to download multimedia content including latest TV shows, series and movies. The sites are accessible and users can get content with HD quality for free. It will definitely gonna take some serious effort from Netflix to change this habit.

Furthermore, internet speed in Pakistan always sucks. We keep on coming across internet issues on regular basis. Moreover, there is hardly any ISP other than PTCL to offer unlimited data limits. Netflix is surely gonna consume your several MBs. Here is average data consumption of Netflix videos depending on quality:

  • Basic: About 0.3 GB per hour
  • Standard: About 0.7 GB per hour
  • HD: About 3 GB per hour
  • Ultra HD: About 7 GB per hour

As we have checked, you will be requiring at least 3 Mbps internet for standard quality streaming. And for HD and Ultra HD, it’s better to have at least 5 Mbps fiber optic internet. Remember, Copper wires can’t provide more than 4 Mbps speed. Therefore, force your ISP to upgrade your cable so that you can enjoy Netflix to full.

Currently, Netflix is offering less than 20 percent content in Pakistan as compared to that available in other markets. House of Cards and Game of Thrones are currently not available in Pakistan. There is also no Bollywood and Indian TV content listed yet. Hopefully, Netflix will increase the available content in coming weeks. Still, you can have access to hidden content. How? We will be giving you answer to it in our next post.

Netflix is currently offering a month free on new subscription. You can sign up HERE and give the service a try.

So folks, it is definitely a service for those whom prefer original and HD content. Pakistani users with good internet can certainly ‘Netflix and Chill’. As far as rest others are concerned, better stick with old traditional ways. What are you gonna do? Share your thoughts in comments section below.