How to setup WiFi hotspot on your 3G/4G device?

Undoubtedly, 3G/4G in Pakistan is offering more speedy and stable Internet as compared to Broadband and Wireless services. While 3G speed ranges between 2-10Mbps, 4G reaches to about 20Mbps, on average. Moreover, the stable Internet has urged users to use the cellular data connection for their laptops and PCs too. In order to share cellular data connection with other devices, you need to setup WiFi hotspot on your 3G/4G device.

How to setup WiFi hotspot:

First of all, make sure to have a 3G/4G smartphone that supports WiFi hotspot. Almost all of the popular handsets has got the feature. All the latest handsets are coming with WiFi hotspot support. Now, let’s move to how to setup WiFi hotspot on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

For Android:

To setup WiFi hotspot on Android, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Head to Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Wireless and Networks’.
  3. Tap on ‘More’ option.
  4. Now, tap on ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’.
  5. Check the box next to ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot’ option.
  6. Tap on ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings’ to edit the network name and password.

The method may vary a bit depending on the version of Android and the handset which you are using.

For iPhone/iPad:

Here are the instructions that you need to follow in order to setup WiFi hotspot on iOS:

  1. Navigate to Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Personal Hotspot’ option.
  3. Slide the toggle to ON.
  4. Edit the name and password if you want to.

The procedure may differ a bit depending on your iOS version.

For Windows Phone:

To setup WiFi hotspot on Windows Phone, follow these instructions:

  1. Head to Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘internet sharing’ option.
  3. Toggle the switch to ON.
  4. Tap on ‘setup’ option at the bottom of the screen to edit name and password.

These instructions may vary depending on your Windows Phone version.

For BlackBerry:

For BlackBerry devices, here is what you need to do:

  1. Enter the Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Network Connections’.
  3. Select ‘Mobile Hotspot’ from the list.
  4. Follow on-screen prompts, afterwards, assign a name and password.

It may vary depending on BlackBerry OS version.

Once, you have setup WiFi hotspot, it’s time to connect your device with it. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device. From the Available Networks list, connect with the one you just set up. So, that’s all you need to do in order to share your 3G/4G over Wi-Fi. Knowing the fact, Telecom Operators are now offering MiFi devices and dongles too however, they cost way high.

If you are having any issues while forming WiFi hotspot, you can ask in comments below!