Sehat conducts Pakistan’s first ever corporate vaccination – Online Pharmacy for your Healthcare needs
November 19, 2015
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November 20, 2015
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Sehat conducts Pakistan’s first ever corporate vaccination

Sehat – an online pharmacy run by the 4th generation of the renowned Fazal Din Family, operating in Pakistan since 1948 – recently completed 200 vaccinations at the ICI Polyester site in Sheikhupura. This marks the first time a retail pharmacy has completed a corporate level vaccination in Pakistan’s history. Though Sehat officially launched their home vaccination service in April 2015 to commemorate their one year anniversary, they completed their first corporate level vaccination this month.

The vaccinations conducted were for typhoid, so that the employees of ICI Polyester could be protected from the disease for a period spanning three years. Two vaccinators were present at ICI’s dispensary, and vaccinated two hundred employees over a period of two days. The vaccine used was Typhim, Sanofi-Pasteur’s leading typhoid vaccine (in a 0.5 mL pre-filled syringe).

The following is the chronological process by which ICI employees received their vaccinations:

  1. Employees were asked their respective staff numbers so vaccinations could be recorded.
  2. The temperature of the stored vaccines was checked (advisable temperature range for such products is between 2-8 degrees Celsius).
  3. Employees were seated, and instructed to expose their deltoid muscle for the injection.
  4. An alcohol swab was applied to the injectable area of the employee before inoculation.
  5. The prefilled syringe was removed from its packaging, and inoculated in the employee.
  6. A bandage was then applied on the affected area to prevent contamination.
  7. All syringes were disposed of using an apparatus that cut off the needle from the syringe to prevent misuse after disposal.

Dr. Tanvir Haider, appointed doctor at the ICI Dispensary, remarked,

I didn’t expect such a high level of professionalism from Sehat in this corporate vaccination. Everything from the temperature maintenance of the vaccinations to the inoculations themselves was absolutely remarkable.

Sehat’s home vaccination portal can be accessed by clicking this link. Vaccinations for Hepatitis B, MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Typhoid, and Influenza are available. Home vaccinations at the moment are only available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Click on social sharing buttons below to share the story with your friends!