Samsung TIzen OS

Samsung considering to shift to its own Tizen OS from Android

The Korean Giant Samsung is reportedly thinking of giving away Android. It is planning to focus on its own Tizen OS. The company is planning to use the OS in all of its devices. The news has been reported by a Korean publication i.e. Korean Times.

Samsung is willing to cut its heavy reliance on Google Android platform. Though Google Android is open-source still the biggest smartphone manufacturer is eager to develop its own eco-system. An anonymous inside source quoted by Korean Times claims,

If you don’t have your own ecosystem, then you will have no future. Tizen OS isn’t just a platform developed for use with mobile devices.

Samsung Tizen allows developers to make corrections, if necessary, and to redistribute updates to others.

It seems like Samsung is now following Apple in this aspect. It wants to gain full-fledge control over its devices and provide them with great stability that is only possible through high degree of optimization.

Samsung is already testing its Tizen OS in the Indian market. In his official comments, he said,

Samsung’s Z-branded Tizen-powered phones are popular with Indian consumers. During the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold about 64 million phones there. This means that Tizen is proving its competitiveness.

The reason why Samsung is testing Tizen’s stability and usability focusing on mobile phones and wearable devices is that we need to have a correction period as Samsung is in the process of developing Internet of Things (IoT) driven business systems running on Tizen.

It has also invited companies in Russia to work on Tizen and promote it. It will also be providing incentives and support to the OS developers. It will be launching special campaigns to encourage users to shift to Tizen OS. Samsung has already incorporated Tizen OS in its wearable devices i.e. Gear S2. With Gear S2, you can make payments using Samsung Pay rather than its major rival Android Pay.

With Android and iOS having such a strong customer base, it is going to be difficult task for Samsung to make people switch. Even Microsoft backed Windows Phone had failed to gain customers.

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Post Author: Taha Munir