Saba Qamar to play lead role in Karachi se Lahore 2

So here’s a good news to all the die heart fans of the svelte hottie and crackerjack actress Saba Qamar, she will be the next face for Karachi se Lahore 2. The director with his team is all set to ride the roller coaster of Karachi se Lahore once again but this time with something more on the plate for the film lovers. From the past movie the expectation graph has touched the acme.

The apt Director Wajahat Rauf has confirmed that Saba Qamar will be playing the female protagonist in KSL part 2. He has further elaborated that Saba Qamar will be seen slaying the audience alongside Yasir Hussain who will be reprising his role as the lovable Moti from KSL, YAY!!!, Rubina Ashraf and Behroze Sabzwari. Yasir Hussain, further reinforced director’s words by divulging the media that we caught upon plenteously other female actresses for this particular role when we commenced the heroine hunt, but finally after rifling through many profiles, the conversant and ingenious actress of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Saba Qamar was finalized to play the role of a rock star in the film.

This film will not have any pertinence with the previous KSL. Saba Qamar affirmed it by saying “I don’t know why some people are calling this a sequel to Karachi Se Lahore, it’s not a sequel – in fact, Karachi doesn’t figure into this movie at all. It’s set more in the northern areas. This film will be fare better than Karachi se Lahore. Any issues that endured in that movie will not be present here.”

She also did speak at length about her role in the film, which she elucidated as a nontraditional love story, an “odd couple kee kahani’’. “I play a musician, a rock star guitarist in the initial stages of her career,” Saba explained. “My character comes from a broken family and all she wants is some peace of mind. She’s looking for some small moments of happiness, and she just packs a bag and decides to leave her house.”

Saba Qamar tried to smuggle the actual profound film’s plot but she promised that “it’s a really great script. You’ll like the movie so much you won’t even get up to go to the washroom.”

With Yasir writing the script once again, we are highly eager and anticipated to watch Karachi se Lahore 2.