PTA asks users to undergo SIMs reverification before 26th February

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has been in talks with all stakeholders and cellular companies regarding SIMs reverification via biometric system. As part of the National Counter Terrorism Plan, PTA is taking measures to block unauthorized SIMs. These unauthorized SIMs are being used in helping terrorists. Initially, cellular companies proposed 11 months for SIMs reverification while PTA asked for a month for the whole process.

Meanwhile, we also heard about three months (exactly 90 days) for SIMs reverification being agreed by all stakeholders. But well, today, PTA placed an ad in all major newspapers. The ad asks cellular customers to get there SIMs reverified via biometric system till 26th February 2015.

It means you have got only a month and a week to get your in-use SIMs verified. Afterwards, all other SIMs issued on your CNIC will be blocked forever. Now the question is, how to undergo SIMs reverification?

Well, it’s quite simple. First of all, you need to check the number of SIMs issued against your CNIC. To do so, send your CNIC number to 668 without dashes. You will receive a message telling you about the number of SIMs issued on your CNIC. OR you can head to and check the number of SIMs against your CNIC. Having some unknown SIMs? Now, what? You need not to worry about the unknown ones as they will be blocked after 26th February. Take your CNIC and head to nearest service center, franchise or retail outlet of the operator of which your actual SIM belongs. As biometric verification is done via thumb impression, therefore you need to be physically present there. Once done, you will receive a confirmation message.

If you have more than one SIMs from different operators, you need to visit the franchise/service center of each operator. And the customers, that are currently abroad, have got no way to verify their SIMs. Their SIMs will be blocked along with other unverified ones. Such customers can re-issue their SIMs when they return back to their homeland.

Time for SIMs reverification! Get your SIMs verified as early as possible to avoid hustle, considering it your national duty and responsibility for a peaceful Pakistan!

If you have any questions regarding the whole process, inquire in comments below.

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