No chance of YouTube getting unblocked in Pakistan soon

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April 6, 2015
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April 8, 2015
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No chance of YouTube getting unblocked in Pakistan soon

The popular video sharing site YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan since 2012. Despite the hype all around on TV and social media, there is no chance of the video streaming site getting unblocked in Pakistan anytime soon. This has been confirmed by the chairman of PTA Syed Ismail Shah in an interview to BBC Urdu.

According to Syed Ismail Shah, PTA is not an independent institution. The authority of the institution is limited in this scenario because of Govt. and the ongoing case in Supreme Court of Pakistan. Supreme Court is having a case whether PTA should ban websites on directions of Govt. or not. He is of the view that PTA can be given such authority and power if the parliament approves the draft regarding the matter. If the draft gets approved, PTA will be capable to unblock YouTube in Pakistan at its own will.

As per this interview, it seems like YouTube is not going to be unblocked in Pakistan for several months even a year. The Govt. of Pakistan is also not much keen in this aspect hence making the future to look dull and dark. The reason of ban on YouTube was the presence of blasphemous content which was not removed. Therefore, the Govt. of Pakistan instead of blocking those pages blocked the whole site. You can still use YouTube on your computer by some methods.

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