PTA extends SIMs Re-verification deadline to 15th May 2015 as per Ministry of Interior’s order

PTA has once again extended the deadline for SIMs Re-verification. The decision has been taken in a high level meeting by Ministry of Interior. Minister Interior Chaudhry Nisar Khan has taken notice of all the suspicions going around in SIMs Re-verification process.

The suspicions are related to the exact number of blocked SIMs or Active users. Many figures have been quoted by different officials hence, making the process apprehensive. Other major suspicion is regarding grey trafficking. As we all know, unverified SIMs are used in grey trafficking. When PTA raided two illegal gateway exchanges last week in Lahore, they were able to find thousands of unverified but active SIMs.

According to PTA, the deadline for SIMs Re-verification is extended for CNICs with one SIM registered. There are total of 11 million such SIMs that will be verified during this phase. If you have got only one SIM registered on your CNIC and is active, it will be blocked after May 15, 2015 unless biometrically verified.

This definitely means that PTA has not blocked all the SIMs after 12th April. It has resulted in creating suspicions regarding the whole process. Hopefully, once this last phase is completed, PTA reveals the exact and the correct figures!


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