PTA delays Blackberry shutdown till 31st December 2015

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PTA delays Blackberry shutdown till 31st December 2015

Back in August 2015, we told you about PTA suspending BES in Pakistan till the end of November 2015. The decision was made as Blackberry denied Pakistani govt. access to its communication services. Couple of days back, Blackberry announced its exit from Pakistan. However, PTA has now given some more time to the company to reach on an agreement.

BB responded positively to this and has delayed its exit till 31st December 2015. Here is what the firm quoted regarding this on its official site:

Government of Pakistan has notified BlackBerry that it has extended its shutdown order from November 30 to December 30.

BlackBerry will delay its exit from the Pakistan market until then.

During the next 30 days, there will be further discussion between PTA and Blackberry to reach on a workable agreement. The authority will definitely be asking BB to grant the access to its data servers. The company has not yet agreed on this considering it against the privacy of its users. However, this is not the case in countries like UAE and India where governments have access to Blackberry’s servers.

The company should try to find a solution to this problem. It may give sufficient access to Pakistani law enforcement agencies that is acceptable by them. Otherwise, it will be endangering its stay in the country.

For now, BES services will keep working till 31st December. After that, they will be completely suspended. And if Blackberry decides to leave the market completely, this will also be an end to BIS services in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that there are less than 5,000 BB customers in Pakistan.

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