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PriceBlaze: No Need to search for Low Prices Online Anymore! [SPONSORED]

If you are a shopping freak like me (for online shopping), you must have known the pain of jumping shopping sites in order to find the one with the lowest price. Sadly, in Pakistan, the scene is that most shopping websites sell products for 25% more the price. That is ridiculously high! Moreover, the search engines rank them higher because they have high DA and pretty sound backlinks. This behavior throws all websites with better prices at the back of the search rankings. But you know what, there is a solution to that: is a price comparison engine for all kinds of products. May they be smartphones, laptops, any other electronic product – you name it.

What does for you?

Here is what this service will offer to you:

  • Compare prices and connects you to shopping site with lowest price
  • Provides latest deals available online (you need to sign up for the newsletter)
  • Become a merchant and start selling your own products on

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What makes us different from other price comparison engines in Pakistan?

Other price comparison websites are only focusing on mobile phones (which are already being compared by WhatMobile and GSMarena). What PriceBlaze is doing; it is providing you a market place where:

  • Buyers can connect with sellers
  • Get best deals available online through newsletters
  • Sell their own products at cheap rates
  • Rate sellers for their prices

As you can see, we have around five to six stores to compare prices from. Not just that we also tell our users that they can get the lowest price for any store from our product listing by setting up a PRICE ALERT option.

How’s that! So, take out your smartphones and visit us today! Don’t ever buy that smartphone or refrigerator being sold for 25% more the price – you can spend that money somewhere better!

Post Author: Taha Munir