Pepsi Pakistan Lighting Up Lives

Pepsi Pakistan Lighting Up Lives Campaign is back

My oh my! Dreadful and boiled up summers are what every Pakistani must be tolerating nowadays. It is the holy month of Ramadan as well. I can’t stop thinking how ghastly it will be to live and fast without the facility of electricity especially in the scorching days and nights of summers. Sadly, there still are many areas in Pakistan whose population is trying its best to survive without the indispensable facility of electricity. There are almost 125000 villages in Pakistan out of which nearly 30000 are not electrified. How uncomforting will it be for these people to survive? Pretty much for sure! During this holy month, many companies have come up with their CSR campaigns to aid the unprivileged people. Pepsi Pakistan has also brought its popular Lighting Up Lives campaign back.

Last year in the month of Ramadan, Pepsi Pakistan launched its #LightingUpLives campaign which incorporated the aim to help ‘lighten up’ the areas of Pakistan which were deprived of electricity. For each purchased 1.75 liter bottle of Pepsi, a rupee was donated. For sure Pepsi is a smashingly prominent brand in Pakistan and many people love to have a glass or bottle of it while having their meals. No wonder, the campaign proved to be successful and lots of donations were made on behalf of the purchasers with the objective to electrify the deprived areas of Pakistan i.e. the non-electrified villages. Moreover, some prominent celebrity figures of Pakistan involving Hamza Ali Abbasi and Syra Yousaf also joined and endorsed the campaign. The response, as stated before, was tremendous. You can watch the TVC here:

Millions of Pakistanis live in the darkness. You can help light up their lives. This Ramzan, on the purchase of every…

Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Monday, June 6, 2016

This Ramadan, Pepsi Pakistan has again brought the #LightingUpLives campaign into action. The aim of the campaign is the same i.e. to help the electricity deprived areas of Pakistan in having the facility. The donation made on the purchase of each 1.75 liter bottle of Pepsi is also the same i.e. 1 rupee. It is extremely thoughtful and wonderful of Pepsi Pakistan to take such an initiative for the purpose of serving the humanity.

Nevertheless, I think that a billion dollar company like Pepsi ought to increase the amount of donation made on each purchase of its 1.75 liter bottle. It is obvious that the volume of sales of a company like Pepsi will be substantially large. Thus, a donation of one rupee on the purchase of a single bottle may look worthless individually but collectively the donations on the sales of millions of bottles per month will sum up to a significant amount. In 2013, the annual revenue of Pepsi Pakistan was reported to be 82 billion rupees. The campaign is launched again for just one month and I believe that increasing the donation per bottle from 1 rupee to 3 or 5 rupees for instance will not hurt the company much. By increasing the amount, more people will be facilitated and more villages will be electrified. It will surely be amazing and heartwarming to see as many people as possible discover happiness and comfort. Nonetheless whatever the donation amount is right now, I will definitely want to participate in lighting up the lives of the people living in electricity deprived areas. I think you should too!

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