Pakistani Rickshaws get a makeover, offer free 3G

Rickshaws are an important means of economical conveyance in our country for many years as an effortlessly available 4-wheel transport to take us to markets, schools, offices etc. Even in this modern era. It has been used by many people. This noise polluting vehicle has altered many shapes and colors throughout its origination. But in this 21st century, there is a somber need for its transformation and to some magnitude it has been attained.

The emblematic Pakistani Rickshaws are coming up with a makeover to blow your mind. A Lahore-based Pakistani company Ascend Engineering is officially launching silver colored, oval shaped attractive rickshaws soon. This newer sleek and neat form will surprise us with the Wi-Fi availability with the help of 3G connection. These new Pakistani rickshaws will also feature GPS navigation system. The silver and oval-shaped design is fundamentally a part of a marketing campaign designed for Ufone by a Karachi based marketing agency ‘Brand Activate’.

Check out some of the images of these new Pakistani rickshaws:

Ufone will be using this novel and modernized vehicle as part of its promotional activities. Many pictures have been released and can be seen on different social media platforms. There are no official words regarding what the campaign will be. For exact details, we need to wait till the campaign launches officially. Are you willing to travel in these renovated Pakistani rickshaws? Do tell us in comments section below.

Image Credits: Wonderfulpoint  | Source: TechJuice

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