Pakistani photographer Zaeem Siddiq wins Wiki Loves Earth competition

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Pakistani photographer Zaeem Siddiq wins Wiki Loves Earth competition

We recently told you about Wiki Loves Monuments competition. Now, we are going to inform you about the winners another exciting Wikipedia’s photography competition. The winners of Wiki Loves Earth completion have been announced. And the big news is, Pakistan has earned the top prize in the competition.

Wiki Loves Earth competition has been taking place since 2013. However, it was the first time that Pakistan was included as the participant countries. The competition was held back in May. The participants were invited to capture the beauty of nature. 100,000 pictures from 9,000 participants from 26 eligible countries were submitted. Wikipedia set up a national jury for each country to select 10 best photographs from their participants. The final decision was made by 9 experienced photographers from different regions. They first independently rated all the 260 photographs out of ten. 29 photographs scored over 5.8 stars and earned the place in final round. The jury rated the pictures and gave the final verdict.

Pakistani participant named Zaeem Siddiq took the crown of this year’s Wiki Loves Earth competition. He snapped the Shangrila Lake at the Central Karakoram National Park in Gilgit-Baltistan. Here is the picture he shoot:


Indeed, an attractive and stunning capture of the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. The reflection of the scenery in the water casts a mesmerizing spell. The location is located 8,000 meters above the sea level. It is also known as Lower Kachura Lake. Here is the complete list of top 10 photographs from Wiki Loves Earth competition:

  1. Shangrila Lake by Zaeem Siddiq
  2. Laurisilva of Madeira by Jorge Nelson Alves
  3. National Park Hohe Tauern by Bernd Thaller
  4. Bratental Nature Reserve by Harald Knoke
  5. Ichkeul National Park by Mohamed El Golli
  6. Carpathian Mountains by Vitaliy Bashkatov
  7. Wolayer See by GeKo15
  8. Etang de Vaccares by Didier Deveze
  9. Anhumas abyss by Caio Vilela
  10. High Tatras by Łukasz Śmigasiewicz

To check all the photographs, visit here. Congratulations to Mr. Zaeem Siddiq for showing the beauty of our country.