Major Food Specialties of Pakistani Cities that every Foodaholic should try

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Major Food Specialties of Pakistani Cities that every Foodaholic should try

Pakistani food Sindhi Biryani

Are you a big foodaholic? If yes then you are surely on the right platform. Testing new dishes, proving new restaurants or trying new recipes at home with your adored ones is the ultimate passion for foodaholics. But if you haven’t tried the traditional dishes of Pakistani cities then certainly you are missing the major chunk of food list. Pakistani food not only paints its rich culture but also the true taste of desi food.

Here is a list of specialties from major cities of Pakistan which you can’t miss being a foodaholic.

Lahori Siri Paye

The city of Zinda Dils is the citadel of heavy foods. But from the non-ending lists of desi pakwaans, Lahore excels in offering the spicy Siri Paye that will make you go crazy for it. Made from the lambs leg/head, this succulent food is worth trying. It is soupy and best served with naan. You can have the best siri paye in the Walled city Lahore areas and specially ‘Phajjay kay Payee’ at red light area in Lahore.

Sindhi Biryani

Biryani is the Pakistani food which is everyone’s weakness whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Karachi’s most favourite Sindhi Biryani is made from Meat and Rice with some special spices. Owing to its admiration, it forms one of the most consumed dishes of Pakistani cuisine. One of the renowned joint delivering Biryani for years is ‘Student Biryani’ in Karachi.

Peshawari Chappali Kabab

The capital of KPK, Peshawar is very prevalent for its juicy Chappal Kababs. Chappal Kababs are prepared with the fiery mixture of beef mince with onion, other spices and herbs. The typical aroma and flavor of Peshawari chappal kabab makes them outstand. They are usually served with roti or naan.

Hyderabadi Achaar

Pickles, the life of every plain food, are commonly known as Achaar. Achaar, along with papad, gives extra tang to the typical Hyderabadi spread. Mostly pickles are made of raw mangoes or vegetables but some old Hyderabadi shops are famous for gosht ka achar’ or pickle made of mutton. One can also find lemon pickle, imli ka achar, tomato pickle, aamla achaar and gongura achaar.

Multani Champain

Yet another addition to your list must be the Multani Champain. Multan is surely a place in Punjab to rant about. So if you are die-heart foodaholic and love mutton then do not forget to try the spicy Chaamps from Multan! This is a dish served with special Multani spices to give it a Multani distinctive taste, which is matchless.

Kashimiri Rista

Rista is a mouth-watering, renowned dish of Kashmiri wazwan. It is arranged in red chili powder and different spices in a unique way. To prepare Rista, you would require to make better minced meat. Rista (Meat-balls in red gravy) is tasty cooking enjoyment with a ladleful gravy to be served with naan and cumin rice. Go for it, foodaholics!

Khanpuri Paira

Raheem Yar Khan is already famous for its tempting sweets i.e. khoyas and pairas all over Pakistan but the Pairas of this city are the best ones. They are made from milk, sugar and dry fruits by the Halwaees. Pairay are truly a delicious and eminent sweet dish that is sent as a present on different occasions, events and festivals.

Khushabi Dhoda

Date back to the 1900’s, this famous sweet dish was created by the famous Pehalwan of Khushaab known as Hans Raj. This rich, sweetened and healthy food is made from many secret ingredients by the famous ‘Dhoda House’ of Khushaab. If you ever visit that place, do try it.

As its summers, so pack your bags and get directed on a food voyage to taste the un-tasted foods across the Pakistan. Hope, you will like this list of delicious Pakistani food and do add if something’s missing.

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