Pakistan is now the first Asian Associate Member of CERN

Today, Pakistan has achieved a remarkable feat. It has now become Associate State Member of CERN. It is now the first Asian country to get this achievement. In a blog post made at CERN’s official website, it has been publically announced regarding the news. Back in December 2014, Pakistan signed the final accession document for the membership.

Most of you will definitely be thinking what is CERN? Well, it is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. At the institute, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. It operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

The collaboration between Pakistan and CERN began back in 1994 when both signed a co-operation agreement. Following the agreement, Pakistan started playing its role in CERN experiments. The country contributed to building the CMS and ATLAS experiments. Pakistan also got involved in accelerator development. This Associate Membership will definitely take this collaboration to the next stage. This gives Pakistani scientists a chance to govern the CERN. Moreover, Pakistani scientists will be able to join the organization as staff and to participate in training and career-development programmes.

The membership will provide Pakistani industry a chance to bid for CERN contracts. This will increase opportunities for industrial collaboration in areas of advanced technology. It is certainly a huge achievement for Pakistani scientists. Being the first Asian country makes this feat more valuable.

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