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Omore ‘Rules are meant to be Bitten’ Ad Review

Omore Premium Ad Review

Omore recently has introduced its new mouth-watering and delightful range of ice-cream flavors and the flavors are Peanut Butter Extravaganza, Vanilla & Hazelnut, Tiramisu Fantasy and Chocolate Tango. What an appetizing and scrumptious range of ice-cream flavors! Right?

The new Omore TV commercial, promoting the range, has the punch line or tagline; “Rules are meant to be bitten.” The ad begins with the arrival of a man wearing shalwar kameez at a lavish and high-class party where everyone else is sporting western wear while he states sarcastically that rules are so good and they make everybody look the same. Next, a woman is shown riding a bike while every man stares at her with astonishment and disapproval as she parks it but she confidently walks away. Furthermore, another woman is shown serving the Tiramisu Fantasy ice-cream to her mother and aunt and suddenly they observe a tattoo on one of her wrists. They look at her startlingly but she walks away not caring what they will think about this rebellious act of hers. In the end, all the three characters are shown eating the new range while they challengingly thank for the rules otherwise according to them there will not have been anything for them to bite. Have a look on the TVC here:

Bite into Omore’s Premium ice cream range because #RulesAreMadeToBeBitten

Posted by Omore on Friday, May 13, 2016

Huh? What? How? Why? Okay let it be. Let’s watch the commercial again.

*Watching the commercial again*

Nope. Still not getting what the concept being portrayed in the ad has to do with a premium range of ice-cream flavors. What does breaking or should I say biting the rules have to do with eating an ice-cream? Is one of the ingredients, used to make Omore’s new premium range, energy drink? Does one feel an urge to break certain rules right after eating one of the ice-creams of this range? Does the ice-cream give one the energy to break stereotypes and be different? Or have the producers of this commercial tried to communicate the message metaphorically? God knows!

Though the new range surely will be very much delicious yet its ad doesn’t make any sense. Why does the ad fail to be relevant and likeable? Let me tell you explicitly.

There is absolutely no match between the product being advertised and the content of the ad. The product is an ice-cream and the message being communicated is about breaking stereotypes. A man sporting eastern wear at a western styled party and a girl riding a bike has nothing to do with ice-creams. Breaking rules has nothing to do with eating an ice-cream. I am sorry but I just cannot find any sort of relevance. If it were the ad of an energy drink, the punch line would have been perfect.

Now. do cheeky punch lines and staging of exclusive and lavish parties and rebellious yet harmless acts make an ad cool, chic and eye-catching? In some parts of the world, they do. But in the others, they do not! What I am referring to here is that the insight and concept of an ad must be formulated by keeping the product being advertised and target audience into thoughtful consideration. Pakistan is an Islamic country and I guess everybody is aware of this fact that tattoos are strictly forbidden for Muslims. Didn’t the makers of the ad think this through before approving and airing it? Not only the woman in the ad gets a tattoo but also boldly and confidently endorses it in front of her elders.

In plain words, she doesn’t give a shit about anybody not even her elders. What sort of message is being portrayed for the youth of Pakistan in this ad? That they can rebelliously behave just like that without considering anything not even one’s religion? Yes! This is exactly what the ad reflects.  Surely, there are some rules that require people not to do something because it is considered uncool by others. You can choose not to obey them because not abiding by them is not going to bring harm to anyone of anything. Nevertheless, there are some rules that are made to prevent harm and respect religious perspectives. They must be respected and abided by.

The new range of ice-creams is extremely scrumptious and yummy but everything aside, the ad doesn’t make sense at all. At least, not to me.

  • Aurea Eagle

    When they say Thank GOD for rules, then apparently they’re talking about breaking rules set by GOD. This is sinister. I don’t like Amore icecream, but now I would never even think of them. They can go to HELL.