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5 Things you need to know before watching Now You See Me 2

For all people who are frantic to watch Now You See Me 2 should really know some vital things before deciding to watch this movie. Well! It is a fancy flight that will mesmerize your eyes till the end because of the special CGI effects. But where there is even there is odd. I will be pin pointing some odds, more dominating on the evens, so that you can easily predict whether it should be in your list or not.

Quite Illogical:

Kindly do not even try to find logic while watching such movies. After all they are movies meant to deliver the most illogical shit. It would be best not to look for logic in the scheme and try to ponder on the magic tricks and the performances. All the tricks you will get to see in Now You See Me 2 will blow your mind. So people who love magic are going to like it but the logical thinkers will surely not.

Far from Real:

Well! That is crystal clear that such quirky fantasies do not truly exist in this factual world. Whenever watching a movie, don’t expect it to be near real because it will end up despairing you. Obviously there are no such devices that can control all the devices of the world neither there are any fanciful super heroes. After all, when we on look a magic trick, we subconsciously know that there is some kind of sham.

Slow Pace Movie

The movie’s pace is kind of slow that can make you feel bore to some extent. The firmest reason is that Now You See Me 2 takes time to disclose, familiarize new characters and set the stage for the movie’s action and charmed arrangements. But the performance of all the characters are fab specially Daniel Radcliffe.

Additional Subplot

Now You See Me 2 has a revenge story within a story. Dylan Rhodes execrates a feud against Thaddeus Bradley. But this revenge fling is quite impenetrable and overly intricate that you will be compelled to say that this movie could have done better without this additional subplot. But no doubt Morgan Freeman and Ruffalo presented their roles marvelously.

CGI Effects dominate

There is something called a bit near to reality but there is something called CGI which have over killed the scenes in movie. For every magic trick, the profuse effects have literally made it a complete computerized movie with nothing close to life. But just when you start thinking that it is getting on your head by going into the lands of fiction, the director manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat to keep on engaging the audience.

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