No change in Graduation Requirements for CSS and PCS [Confirmed] is back with URL
September 12, 2015
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September 12, 2015
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No change in Graduation Requirements for CSS and PCS [Confirmed]

Recently, several news reports emerged indicating a change in education requirement for CSS and PCS examinations. According to the reports, government was considering to set Ph.D and M.Phil as minimum requirement for CSS and PCS. As the news spread, social media burst out on the related authorities and discouraged the move.

However, it is now confirmed that there is no such change in discussion. Good news for all! Minister for Planning Development and Reforms of Pakistan (MPDR) Mr. Ahsan Iqbal has denied all the rumors that claimed Ph.D and M.Phil to be minimum criteria for CSS and PCS. Here is his recently made tweet that has put the false reports and rumors to rest:

The false information started spreading from dozens of sites after reportedly appearing first on Many popular media channels followed the news and even claimed that the related officials have confirmed the change. These rumors also include the minimum age for CSS and PCS to be raised to 30 years while the retirement age to be set as 60 years. This is yet to be clarified by the ministry officials.

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