NADRA now brings online service for provision of ID cards

In an effort to digitize the provision of ID cards, NADRA now brings an online service. It means neither you need to make several visits to the local NADRA offices nor you are required to get queued in long lines. With the online service, you can now get CNIC in Pakistan delivered at home without getting engaged in cumbersome process.

No more fuss and hassle! No need to go here and there to get your CNIC made! No need to search for references for quick provision of the cards! The process of NADRA online service begins from here: This is the main e-portal for all your CNIC related tasks. Here are the options that e-portal presents you:

  • Get a new ID card
  • Renew your ID card
  • Reprint your ID card
  • Get a new Overseas ID card
  • Modifying your ID card details

Now, make a selection as per your requirement. The required application fee and supporting requirements may vary depending on your selection. NADRA has made the whole process easy and simple to implement. As you make a selection, you will be asked for required documents. NADRA has provided all the relevant information about the file names, file size limits, file formats etc. They have got all the preparatory guides i.e. Photo Capture, Fingerprints Capture, Form Filling and Document Upload.

To further elaborate the process, there is a detailed video tutorial too. Click here to view it. For application fees, you can refer to the rates here. The payment can be made using credit card. There is also Estimated Timelines for the whole process mentioned on the website. According to it, you will be getting CNIC in nine days if you are a resident and in twelve days if you are living abroad.

This is definitely gonna please us a lot. We all know how difficult the whole process used to be. Hopefully, NADRA will also bring an Urdu version of the website too for the citizens whom don’t know English that well. Don’t miss to share your thoughts on this story in comments section below!

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