Do You Know? Mobilink SMS bundles come with FREE Unlimited WhatsApp

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Do You Know? Mobilink SMS bundles come with FREE Unlimited WhatsApp

If you are a Mobilink user, you would definitely knew it. However, if not, you will definitely be surprised to learn that Mobilink SMS bundles accompany free WhatsApp. Mobilink has been offering best 3G packages, so far. Well, it also has got great SMS bundles.

Not all Mobilink SMS bundles come with free unlimited WhatsApp. Those which includes WhatsApp are Daily SMS+WhatsApp bundle, Weekly bundle and Monthly bundle. Here are the details of all SMS bundles:

Daily+WhatsApp bundle has got 1,500 SMS along with WhatsApp for just Rs. 5 + tax. Weekly bundle includes 1,000 SMS with WhatsApp at price of Rs. 10.99 + tax. The best one is the Monthly bundle that has got 20,000 SMS with unlimited WhatsApp at Rs. 39.99 + tax. The remaining two are daily bundles with SMS only.

With WhatsApp being the most used chatting app in Pakistan, Mobilink has paced out a right strategy. After 3G bundles, Mobilink SMS bundles can be another reason for the other telecom customers to make a switch.

Currently, Mobilink is surely winning the race at least for 3G and SMS packages. We can expect other telcos to introduce competitive 3G and SMS bundles soon.

Source: Mobilink