Same WHOIS details! List of possible fake Axact websites

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May 20, 2015
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May 22, 2015
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Same WHOIS details! List of possible fake Axact websites

We have just discussed a full-fledge article discussing Axact fake degrees scam issue. But well, this is not going to end up here. Another story published in The New York Times (NYT) shows the list of possible fake universities websites owned by Axact. The possible fake Axact websites indicates same server, content and other technical details during the WHOIS check.

Following is the list of possible fake Axact websites:

  • Alford High School
  • High School Diploma Profs
  • Beacon Falls High School
  • Brooksville High School
  • Buffville High School
  • Federal High School
  • Ford Worth High School
  • High School Diploma Experience
  • Foster City High School
  • High School Diploma Pro
  • High School Diploma Fast
  • Jersey High School
  • Lorenz High School
  • Luther City High School
  • Mary Grand High School
  • McCain High School
  • McFord High School
  • McHill High School
  • Pacific High School
  • High School Diploma Professionals
  • Panworld High School
  • Angelo High School
  • Stenford High School
  • Victorville High School
  • West Coast High School
  • WinFord High School
  • Woodfield High School
  • Global Institute of English Language Training and Certification
  • Adamsville University
  • Al Arab University
  • Al Khaleej University
  • Al Khalifa American University
  • Alpine University
  • American Gulf University
  • American Mideast University
  • Anchor Point University
  • Arab Continental University
  • Arab Women University
  • Ashbery University
  • Accredited Degrees Pro
  • Ashley University
  • Bakerville University
  • Barkley University
  • Baycity University
  • Bay View University
  • Baytown University
  • Belltown University
  • Branton University
  • Brooklyn Park University
  • Brooksville University
  • Cambell State University
  • Camp Lake University
  • Chapel University
  • Columbiana University
  • Creek View University
  • Crestford University
  • Fast Online University
  • Fort Jones University
  • Galewood University
  • Gibson University
  • Glenford University
  • Grant Town University
  • GreenLake University
  • Grendal University
  • Hadly University
  • Hansford University
  • Harvey University
  • Headway University
  • Online University Programs Pro
  • Hill University
  • Hill Online Degrees
  • James Adam University
  • James Harding University
  • Johnstown University
  • Kennedy University
  • Kingsbridge University
  • Kings Lake University
  • Laurus University
  • Madison Hills University
  • Mayfield University
  • McFord University
  • McGraw University
  • Affordable Accredited Degrees
  • McGraw Online Degrees
  • McKinley University
  • Midtown University
  • Mount Lincoln University
  • Nelson Bay University
  • Nicholson University
  • Nixon University
  • Northern Port University
  • Northway University
  • Olford Walters University
  • Panworld University
  • Accredited Online Degrees Now
  • Advance Online Degrees
  • Paramount California University
  • Parkfield University
  • Payne Springs University
  • Pine Hill University
  • Pittsford University
  • Port Jefferson University
  • Queen City University
  • Queens Bay University
  • Ray University
  • Affordable Degrees Pro
  • Universal Online Degrees
  • Redding University
  • Riverwood University
  • Rochville University
  • Roseville Community College
  • Thompson University
  • WalesBridge University
  • Walford University
  • Western Advanced Central University
  • Online University Profs
  • Western Valley Central University
  • Westland University
  • Wilburton University
  • Wiley University
  • Wilford University
  • Willington University
  • Windham University
  • Woodbridge University
  • Woodfield University
  • Woodrow University

You can check out the WHOIS details of these possible fake Axact websites online. Here, we have got details of few:


Woodbridge University Site WHOIS Lookup

NelsonBay University site WHOIS Lookup

Wilford University Site WHOIS Lookup

You can notice same Registrar, Name Servers, IP Address and IP Location.

The issue is already under investigation. Therefore, it’s not right to make any comment at the moment. The investigation teams should also check out for US universities and professors’ involvement in this as such a MILLION DOLLARS SCAM would not be possible without them.

Source: The New York Times (NYT)

  • Jheremin Chua

    can someone check for me richford university? how are we going to know if the university that we were enrolled in is fake? please give us some ways to confirm.

  • nooruls143

    Another one is, very new. They got into operation again when CEO got bail