Lahore Transport Company (LTC) launches Android app for travelers

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June 20, 2015
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June 24, 2015
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Lahore Transport Company (LTC) launches Android app for travelers

In an effort to improve transport facility in the city, Lahore Transport Company (LTC) has now launched an Android app. LTC is the body that regulates public transportation (buses, routes, fares and bus stops etc.) in the province capital. The useful app has been termed as ‘Bus Da Pata’ by LTC. The company has make use of Punjabi for the app name.

The new app by Lahore Transport Company (LTC) will be giving information to travelers. Want to find a bus, plan a trip, find-out bus routes, shops, information of fares and other such information? This app is one solution for all your travel worries. Suppose you are at location A and want to go to location B, the app will assist you with bus stop names, bus numbers, fares and the estimated time to travel to reach your destination.

Apart from this, Lahore Transport Company has added real-time location results for all busses. This is something quite significant as you will be told about the estimated time of next bus arrival. During your travel, you will be also informed with real-time bus speed and the distance left towards the destination.

At the first sight, the app definitely looks requiring design and usability improvements. Hopefully, this will be improved in next update of the app. The app weighs only 2.4 MB and is available for FREE.

  • Download Bus Da Pata app by Lahore Transport Company

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