Karachi Se Lahore 2 movie; Production begins

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November 24, 2015
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Karachi Se Lahore 2 movie; Production begins

Just like Bollywood and Hollywood, the inclination of making a movie sequel in Lollywood is also on its path. This preliminary task would be showcased by making the sequel of the hit movie Karachi Se Lahore. This optimistic appeal has been decided to take place soon and sources have discovered that the script of the film has been finalized.

Yasir Hussain the screenplay writer told that the epitome of the story revolves around Moti and his dealings with a female rock star. This time, the sequel of the movie spins around Moti Khan and his expedition to the Northern Areas where he meets a female rock-star at a concert, who will be the leading female debut of the film

The direction and the story of the Karachi Se Lahore 2 film is by Wajahat Rauf, script by Yasir Hussain who are in high demand after the success of the first part. They showed their humor and message talent in a combo. The star cast will be comprising some new faces like Ahmad Ali, Aashir Wajahat and Mantahaa Maqsood. The music team of Shiraz Uppal, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza will again gang up to create more affluent music. Wajahat while exposing feeds about the movie said that this time there will be more project based songs as per the requirement.


Here are few comments by Yasir Hussain regarding Karachi Se Lahore 2:

The movie doesn’t star Shehzad Sheikh or Ayesha Omer but Ahmad Ali and Ashir Wajahat may make a guest appearance. Moreover, the script of the movie is ready and we are in the process of signing a heroine.

Let’s hope that this idea of making a sequel becomes a big success in our cinema industry. We will keep you update about Karachi Se Lahore 2 movie as soon as any new information comes into play.