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June 8, 2016
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June 10, 2016
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This is what Interns at Tech Giants make

Wait. What? Internships? Bankable? Seriously? Oh yes. Apparently tech giants like Goole, Snapchat etc. do not only offer internships for discovering and accomplishing potential careers and college requirements respectively. They also let the interns earn handsomely in their internships. Computer science students explicitly and most likely get these offers.  According to a survey by a student of UC Berkley, Rodney Folz, giant tech companies like Snapchat, Amazon, and Apple etc. pay the interns substantially. Approximately 10,000 dollars per month are paid by Snapchat to its interns. Yes you read it right. A whooping TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Now will a fresh computer sciences graduate want to avail the opportunity of interning at such a lucrative company? Yeah absolutely! I cannot see why not.

Google is yet another established company that not only offers 6,000 dollars per month to its interns but also allots them with stipend and fringe benefits. Apple and Amazon also offer the same to their interns. So basically, the annual amount that the interns will get to earn at these companies will be almost 72,000 dollars plus benefits. Whoa! Pretty marvelous and extraordinary it will be to intern at these companies.

Now given that the data was collected via a survey by Folz, so everyone must be considering the possibility of inaccurate data entries. Nevertheless if the latest offers in the tech industry are matched with the offers that were published two years back by Tiffany Zhong, a venture capitalist, not much difference can be seen.

As you can see, the info shared by Folz currently does match with the statistics shared by Zhong two years ago. Now, who will not be interested in earning a little cash? Or in this case, a lot of cash. I certainly will be!

SOURCE: BusinessInsider