Glimpse on Pakistan’s Highest Paid Model and Actress Iman Ali life

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Glimpse on Pakistan’s Highest Paid Model and Actress Iman Ali life

Iman Ali, the name that comes in your mind at first whenever someone asks, who you think is the best model turned actress. Iman Ali the ravishing yet elegant, modish yet stylish, the prima donna lady has been working in this industry for many years but she has retained herself explicitly fit..

She was born on 19th of December, 1980 and started her career as a model in 2000. She is the daughter of veteran actor Abid Ali and Humaira Ali. In 2006, Abid Ali got separated from Humaira Ali and married TV actress Rabia Naureen. She has two sisters Rahma Ali and Maryam Ali. Rahma Ali is also an actress, model and a good singer. Iman Ali and her sisters live with Humaira Ali.


One fact with which we all are not well aware is that Iman Ali suffered from a disease called ‘sclerosis’ for 3 years. During an interview in 2009, she told about the disease “Sclerosis”. She went to India many times for the treatment of this disease. People thought that she is fascinated by Bollywood industry so that is why she is visiting India commonly. But later, the sources exposed that Iman Ali really has this disease.


Now let me sum up some of her triumphs from the start of her career up till now. Iman Ali has the credit of working with the national and international highly recognized brands and designers in her pocket. She got super famous due to her Anarkali look in the music video ‘Bas Ishq Mohabbat Apna Pan’:

She appeared in various dramas like Dil Dekay Jaien Gey, Arman, Kismat, Woh Tees Din, Pehla Pyar, Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi and Chal Parha under different productions and channels.

Filmography of Iman Ali is short yet interesting. She worked in the two of the most hit movies of Pakistan ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ and ‘Bol’ that got international recognition and made records. Currently, she is working for an upcoming movie ‘Mah-e-Meer’ which is going to release next year after the Nov 6 release got cancelled. She has also recently worked in TVC of QMobile handset.


She has received the Best Actress and Best Model Lux Style Awards in 2007 and 2008 respectively. She is still setting the Ramp on fire by her killer walk and appearing in sundry TV advertisements.

Just like other celebrities, Iman Ali got swayed by the scandal winds. She was seen with Indian director Imtiaz Ali. News about the Pakistani model’s acquaintance with the famous Indian director Imtiaz Ali roved around in the tinsel town for many days. The two celebrities met each other in Dubai and ostensibly their encounter at Dubai then got transformed into a friendship.

She is, no doubt, the queen of hearts of many people. We wish best of luck for her future commitments!