Huawei appears on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking for second time

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Huawei appears on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking for second time

Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, recently released its 2015 Best Global Brands report. Following its debut on the 2014 list as the first mainland Global brand, Huawei appears on the 2015 list again.

Huawei is once again a highlight in the 2015 Best Global Brands report released by Interbrand. Its brand value, approximated at 5 billion US dollars, increased by 15 percent compared to a year ago. In the Interbrand’s annual report, it is also one of the fastest rising brands in the technology sector, climbing from #94 to #88 in ranking. It’s significant progress is not a result of luck. Everything has stemmed from the belief that customers always come first, and the persistence in providing value-driven products and services. Through their brand campaign, Huawei outlines ‘a better connected world’ and clearly illustrates how innovative ICT products, services and solutions not only break the boundaries of time and space to create smoother connections, but also enable the transformative evolution of enterprises and industries to drive progress in the world.


As the Huawei’s 2014 Annual Report indicates, the company maintained robust growth in all business segments. In 2014, it recorded US$46.5 billion in annual revenue, a YoY increase of 20.6%. Net profits reached US$ 4.5 billion, a YoY increase of 32.7%. Thanks to its robust growth worldwide and continuous innovation in products and services, The company’s brand has grown steadily both in value and influence.

On this achievement, General Manager for Huawei devices in Pakistan Mr. Shawn said,

Huawei has a strong customer centric approach and it has actually created value for customers as the foundation for the Huawei Brand. And here we are aiming to achieve even better position and even better records of higher revenue generation. For that it can be witnessed that Huawei is bringing high technological products satisfying its consumers’ one hand, while on the other hand boosting up its research and development capabilities to reach the ultimate technological creator in the global market.

Over the past two decades, Huawei has connected one-third of the world’s population, with its information networks covering more than 170 countries and regions. In order to utilize transformative trends in the future, The company is increasing investment in innovative technologies, such as cloud computing, Big Data, 5G, SDN, and NFV. By pushing the limits of technology, The company is well positioned to seize opportunities in the digital era. It strives to provide full connectivity between people, between people and things, and between things. It will also continue to deliver innovative products to individual users, businesses, and organizations. The recent best example that has caught hearts all around the globe, but especially in Pakistan is Mate S.

As indicated by Interbrand’s professional evaluation in the 2015 Best Global Brands report, Huawei has progressed well over the past year in all its three major business segments – carrier, enterprise, and consumer. Its strong R&D capacity, forward-looking strategic plan, and open innovation have contributed greatly to its brand responsiveness, relevance, and presence. And when it comes to the local market in Pakistan, it has very efficiently developed a larger consumer pool than Apple or Samsung because Huawei has something very foundational in terms of technologies and services with a high quality experience and better aesthetic taste serving.

In the enterprise market, its innovative products and solutions have laid a solid foundation for the company’s competitiveness, and are widely acknowledged by customers. As a result, Huawei is accelerating its growth in the enterprise market. This growth momentum is further fueled by the widespread adoption of its flagship products and solutions (e.g. Cloud computing, storage, and agile networks) in both domestic and overseas sectors, such as smart cities, finance, education, and ISP.

In the consumer market, Huawei’s quality products with a superior user experience have enabled the company to become the brand of choice. So far, the company has secured a strong footing in the mid-range and high-end device market. Its high-end smartphones – especially Mate 7, Mate S, and Ascend P8 – and Honor smartphones have made solid progress. These developments have allowed itto enjoy quality and sustainable growth in the consumer business.

Amid a wave of ICT convergence, interdependency and co-existence are essential for different industries, products, services, and brands. Close collaboration is required to build a more prosperous ICT industry. it is committed to creating an open ecosystem. Open partnership has allowed the company to complement its capabilities and exchange energy with the rest of the world.

With an open mindset, Huawei has collaborated closely with its partners in areas such as cloud computing, SDN, NFV, and 5G, aiming to jointly drive industry development. At Huawei Cloud Congress 2015, Huawei announced its cloud ecosystem strategy, which focuses on IT infrastructure, software platforms, and enterprise cloud services. The company is dedicated to building a more robust cloud ecosystem with its partners, including infrastructure providers, application developers, channel partners, integrators, and independent software vendors. At the forthcoming 1st Huawei Developers Congress (October 19–20, 2015), over 2,000 developers will gather to explore how to leverage Huawei’s open ICT capabilities to build a stronger ecosystem that benefits all.