How to write an ideal Resume

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How to write an ideal Resume

The first step to every job application is submission of a resume or a CV. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. It is your first introduction to the employer. Writing a successful and ideal resume is definitely worthy. There is a famous quote i.e. first impression is the last impression. Your resume should be able to catch the eye of the employer. It must highlight your distinctions and skills.

Things to be included in a CV differs for a fresh person and an experienced pro. A fresh Graduate or Masters degree holder certainly will not have any sort of experience. If you are an experienced pro, you are surely gonna put light on the organizations you have already served. Experience counts for each precious job. It is something that can’t be attained via any shortcut. An experienced guy is mostly preferred over the one that that lacks it. However, it does not mean that there is no job for the young pros. Almost, all the organizations want some young new blood. The youth is well-aware of the changing trends of the society. Therefore, managers keep certain positions for the new breed. An ideal resume of young pro should represent the highlights of the individual i.e. any distinction, unique skills and activities etc.

Following are the key elements that need to be part of an ideal resume:


This includes your name, age, permanent Address, contact number, mail address and marital status.


Why do you want this job? What this job means to you? Under this head, you are going to summarize the answers to these questions in one sentence. The goal statement is usually specific for a certain job. You can also highlight your skills in this statement. Here is how mostly goal statements begin; ‘To work for an institution where I can…’


It’s now time to enter your qualification details. This comprises of your high school name, city and country, educational board and date of completion of degree along with your aggregate and percentage. If you have got any distinctions, don’t forget to mention them.


Filling this area should not be a concern for experienced professionals. However, a new freshman can find it quite tough as they have no practical experience at all. He/she can write details regarding summer jobs, internships and volunteer work (if attended). Or if not attended any such programs, you can simply ignore this head and move forward.


Apart from education; if you have earned any honor in music, sports or any other field, you can list it down here. This will definitely gonna make you a complete package for the company.


Now, it’s time to highlight your skills both technical and soft ones. Following are few skills that you can mention to make your ideal resume: good communication skills, responsible, hardworking, energetic, group leader, content writing, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.


Knowing a foreign language is always a plus point. Here, you can list any other languages you know to communicate.


If you are good in extra-curricular activities including sports, you can mention them under this head. Remember, make sure to enter those that you really do get involve in.


Under this head, you need to enter name, position and contact number of two of your relatives/friends whom can verify your identity.

Other than that, you need to keep your CV short. One or two pages are enough. Also, don’t start telling stories, be concise and point-to-point. Do not write any negative aspect about you but be honest. If you are having spellings and grammar mistakes in your CV, this is not going to cast a good effect. Check your resume for any possible errors and make it error-free. And the last point, the font should be simple and readable for your ideal resume. No italics and underlining at all!

You can use this simple format for writing the CV by mentioning the heads and the relevant data. Or, you can search online for CV templates and choose the one which suits you the best.

Your resume is the first step to every job. If the company finds your CV good enough, get yourself ready for an interview. We have already told you 10 interview questions that must be on your fingertips.

Hope you like our article regarding writing an ideal resume. Stay tuned to as we will be bringing more such interesting articles!

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