How to use WhatsApp in Urdu on smartphones

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How to use WhatsApp in Urdu on smartphones

Recently, we told you about Urdu support for WhatsApp. Considering the popularity of its chatting app in Pakistan, the company has brought the support for the native Urdu language in its version 2.12.250. You need to install this version and afterwards, enable the language from Settings app on your smartphone.

Here, we have compiled all the steps that you will be following to use WhatsApp in Urdu on your smartphones. Follow these steps and enjoy the app in your mother language.

  1. Head to Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Search for WhatsApp and install the latest version of the app. [ LINK ]
  3. Now, head to Settings app on your device.
  4. Navigate down to ‘Languages and Input’ option under the Personal section.
  5. Select Urdu from the list of languages.
  6. Wait for few minutes if your device asks for installing Urdu script.
  7. Now, install an Urdu keyboard to enable you to type the font.
  8. Launch the WhatsApp messenger and begin using the app in Urdu.

There is no other way to use WhatsApp in Urdu. The app does not allow you to type the language directly. It is seriously bit disappointing as changing language may slow down your device. Moreover, you will be required to change font each time to use other apps with English support.

If you have any queries regarding the tutorial, you can ask in comments section below!